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Jul. 4th, 2006 | 06:06 pm
i am at: St. Sauver, chez moi
i feel: ecstaticCA VA BIEN!
i am dancing to: Nos Aïeux
posted by: estherikabonbon in sentirvivant

I am in Québec, and it is wonderful I live in the mountains just north of Montréal. C`est trés beaux ici.

on the train....

Julian, a really cute guy met no the train. he has the most beautiful eyes. very alluring.


a beautiful church. at my work, Camp de Soleil, we eat lunch in "le gazon" (yard).

lovely cake or cordinatrice made for us.

les enfants qui je garde.

les autres moniteurs... (de gauche, Itchi, Fiji, et Patouf, mes neuveaux amis.)

You know you`re in Québec when the stop signs say ARRÊT!!!

I am doing well, et je comprends plus du francais maintenant, après j`ai resté ici.

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