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dark room.

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Nov. 18th, 2007 | 12:15 pm
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posted by: estherikabonbon in sentirvivant

I had an adventure last night, involving a dark room!

I was waiting for a friend to meet me at the Princess Twin, when I decided to go in the music store next door and try out some pianos. they were just so tempting outside, from the window, and I just had to go in.

So, I played some Fur Elise, and some other pieces I could remember, and there was this guy jamming on a guitar with a resonator....he was sitting there listening to me play. He told me as I was leaving that he liked my music, and I sat down and talked to him for a while.

His name was Ian, and he played a few instruments, so we stared gabbing about this and that, and landed on the subject of his camera, which was in its case around his neck. He's in school in Belleville for photo-journalism, which is sweet! We ended up exchanging email/phone and planned on hanging out sometime.

I called him Saturday, and he came to pick me up. We went to 1842, had some tea, and GenX to get a movie, then headed over to his house, to do some prints. He has a dark room in his mom's fruit cellar. well, a haphazard darkroom, but a darkroom none the less.

Anyway, here are some pics!

making sure there was enough developer...

we had to mix up the developer. (yellow pkg.)

Ian, mixing.

Developer, Stop Bath, and Fixer. All is set!

Next, we had to find the negative for the picture we chose upstairs on the computer. (He had an entire binder full of negatives, and that wasn't even all of them) It was a bike, leaning on a wall on a busy street in Germany.

The next little bit doesn't have pictures, simply because you can't have a flash in the darkroom, it would just wreck the whole image.

So we took the negative, and put it in the enlarger. We had to project it and focus it before we continued.

Next we did four test strips. Usually there's only one, but he was a little off his game, since he hadn't developed in a while. Well, we exposed the strips to the light that was projecting from the enlarger, and then dipped them in the first bath, the developer. It was so amazing to watch. the image just blooms onto a white sheet of paper, slowly darkening. It was SO COOL!

Then after a few strips and fiddling with the time, brightness and settings on the enlarger, we were ready!

We got the photo sheet out of its light-proof packaging, and set it all up, under red light. I felt so important, to be witnessing such a thing. It really was amazing. You just create an image appear out of nothing. Digital photography doesn't let you see this process, and I'm saddened by that, because it was so interesting.

Anyway, we flicked on the enlarger, and it projected the image right where we wanted, and then 10 seconds later, we turned it off. Ian picked up the white sheet and dropped it into the developer. It took longer than with the strip, because it was a bigger sheet, but slowly, the image appeared. Ian left it in the bath for about 2 minutes, swooshing the liquid over the top, and all around, so it would be evenly exposed.

Then he picked it out with a set of tongs, and plopped it into the stop bath. It doesn't stay there for long, the stop bath is mainly just to stop the chemical reaction the developer started.

Next, it went into the fixer, which is basically preserving the image, so it can last for years, in stead of minutes. It stayed in there for a few minutes, and then it went into the rinse bin, which was just water.

Tah Dah!

We made three. He gave one to his mother, who was just getting home from an operation for prolapse. Ian let me keep 2. Yay!

It was SO FUN!

Hang me up to dry / You've rung me out too too too many times.

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West Country Girl

Hooray for you!

from: parachles
date: Nov. 18th, 2007 11:18 pm (UTC)
link it!

I remember back when I was in high school yearbook the wonder of waching the film development/print making process. It is really something else!

A small part of me has wanted a darkroom ever since. But they are expensive to set up and keep, and with the advent of digital photography... well yeah.

But I am glad you got to see this. It is a facinating process that few get to witness or learn about.

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(no subject)

from: energeticintent
date: Nov. 19th, 2007 01:14 pm (UTC)
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Oh, it's been so long since I worked in a dark room... Lovely to watch the pictures develop right in front of your eyes!! Glad that you had fun!

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