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Jul. 31st, 2006 | 08:05 pm
i am at: st. sauveur, québec
i feel: accomplished
i am dancing to: Kaïn- Adam et Eve
posted by: estherikabonbon in sentirvivant

mostly for zagg,some artsy pics taken here.


remind anyone of downtown sarnia? it did me :D

the street you see there, not really a street. its a mural painted on a building. heh. sweeeet.

walking in Vieux Québec...

the city was so pretty....

church. pretty, as they all are.

cool sticker.

I could not go to Québec city without taking a picture of Château Frontenac.




the steeple...l'église


forest behind my house.


une maison à coté de mon travail


these are all from centre-ville (downtown) Monréal.

pigeons are cool.

thought the faded writing was neat...

entrance to an alley/tunnel. cool shit.

copper is so lovely.


you are my sunshine, my only sunshine....

proud. i was reminded of you (zagg) when i saw the flag.

good old métro..

revolving doors are such fun.

thats all you get right now. its been about an hour since i started this entry so i am going to bed now. love to everyone. may light and blessings help you on your journey.



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alcohol soaked fruit

complete with zagg commentary

from: zagg
date: Aug. 1st, 2006 02:31 am (UTC)
link it!

yes dear, like our little roof we climbed but more stairs and less ghetto.

i do enjoy that sticker --- it is 2 hands to make a dove, yes?

oh sure, the pride flag reminds you of me, and not the holy sacred church?

gah, i want to be in old quebec again.

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