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Jul. 31st, 2006 | 07:37 pm
i am at: st. sauveur, québec
i feel: ecstatichappy!
i am dancing to: fort miner- where'd you go
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more more more, always more!

G to the D. sorry this always takes me forever...but i am busy.


subway to La Ronde.

entrance to La Ronde.

pretty much my favourite ride at La Ronde, the Boomerang. matt took a video of us on the Monster, the whole ride actually, but I didn't take any pics there....it was pretty rainy all day, as you can see by the clouds.

the lines were fun. :P

there was a pretty sunset.....

...then some pretty fireworks, courtesy of La France!

sheep-face. i got really wet that day. we went jet-boating. waves. WATER.

I-max hotties

this woman is real. pretending to be a statue. buskers are cool:P

the cutest busker ever. ha stands still with wide open arms until he gets a hug. they are free. i paid for mine. he was so adorable. he said "tu est tellement gentile. passé un bon aprés-midi. merci!"

me and matt on the way home after a long day:D


all of us, being rather....spider-ey before rock climbing...warm up, I suppose.

I have nor been on a teeter-totter since there were still church picnics at the sunoco complex out in Brights Grove. weird. fun.

On sunday, we did volunteering. We raised money for the Breakfast Club. (le club de petit dejuner). We asked people at the beach and at Provigo for donations. we raised 584$ in 3 1/2 hours. pretty damn good I thought. Kim our co-ordinator, made us t-shirts. she is cute like that. :D

Fourchette. another monitor at Camp Soleil.

a pretty rainbow at almost-sunset. beautiful.

more sunset pics..

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